Legal Risk Management

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Legal Risk Management

When external investors and business partners contemplate investing in or collaborating with a company, the company’s risk assessment and risk management are important factors.

The company must be able to prove its awareness of any current and potential risks and the company must communicate how it handles such risks. If the company does not have a strategy for handling any current and potential risks, it will cause uncertainty both in the company and outside.

In order to create the best possible conditions for operation and development, a company should consequently consider any current and potential risks, including any legal risks, and draft a strategy. If a risk management strategy has not been implemented, the results could be fines, imprisonment, claims for damages and exclusion from tender processes as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

Our Advice

We provide full-service advice during all risk management stages. We provide assistance to our clients from the very first stage when risks are identified and during the subsequent stages when a risk management strategy is drafted, implemented and employed by the company.

At each stage we include all current and potential risks and factors and we also provide advice on specific cases about prevention or infringements.

Each process starts off by a meeting with the company’s management where we will define the areas needing particular attention and we focus on the company’s current and potential risks. Examples of risks that we take into consideration together with the client:

  • Anti-corruption and money laundering
  • International trade rules and regulations
  • Direct and indirect taxes, including transfer pricing
  • Competition law restrictions relating to collaborations
  • Employment law issues
  • Processing of sensitive personal data
  • Local and international corporate governance guidelines and rules
  • Conclusion and administration of agreements
  • Tender procedures

Our Team Our legal risk management team consists of partners and lawyers who are experts in the legal fields relating to risk management. The legal risks that a company could face depend on its line of business and on the markets in which the company operates and as a consequence our team is composed by experts in the various legal fields.