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Debt Collection

Debt Management Service and Debt Collection

M&S provides a highly professional debt collection service through its membership as founding member within the group EuroCollectNet ( This network enables us to recover debts and enforce titled claims of our clients in every European jurisdiction and abroad.

The members of this group do offer their services in other legal areas as well and may otherwise identify a competent colleague in their country for a particular legal problem. Since autumn 2013 the network has been expanded worldwide with the “Friends of EuroCollectNet”.

M&S has long-standing experience in handling bad debts on behalf of our clients. We are therefore fully acquainted with all the implications, whether practical, financial or legal, that follow in the wake of bad debts. To provide high-quality assistance and advice as regards bad debts, we have set up a debt management service offering specialist knowledge within this area that is, in practice, so important.

The debt management service provides assistance to our clients in specific debt collection proceedings. M&S debt management service assists our clients in preparing well thought-out and well-written debtor policies.

M&S debt management service is, of course, always up-to-date on the most recent knowledge within the debt area and continues to keep our clients updated of any relevant changes.

The debt management service specialises in all aspects of the field of debt collection, including post-due invoice collection. M&S debt management service assists a wide range of businesses and authorities exposed to debtors that fail to pay invoices on time. The invoices typically relate to payment of sold or delivered goods or services, or to payment of membership fees, back rents, service charges or even repayment of faulty salary or wages.

Moreover, M&S provides assistance in terms of collection of debt instruments or banking collection to a number of banks, pension funds and other professional lending institutions faced with debtors that fail to pay their instalments and interests on time. Generally, there will be a so-called “enforcement basis” in the form of a debt instrument and we will thereby be able to proceed with the debt collection more quickly than in, for example, post-due invoice collection.

M&S provides assistance in terms of mortgage document collection and mortgage credit collection, as well as mortgage credit banks faced with debtors that fail to pay their instalments and interest on time. There will usually be a so-called “enforcement basis” in the form of a mortgage document secured on the debtors’ real estate and mortgage document collection that results in our ability to proceed with the debt collection more quickly than in for instance, post-due invoice collection and our arranging for a subsequently forced sale.

M&S provides assistance ranging from leasing collection to leasing companies faced with debtors that fail to pay their leasing fees on time. Usually, there will be no so-called enforcement basis in these matters and, if necessary, the leased equipment will have to be retrieved through the court’s enforcement order. Leasing collection is thus often characterised by our having to arrange for collection of the non-paid leasing fees and/or retrieval of the leased equipment.